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There is a new kid on the block for managed WordPress hosting - DreamPress. In this DreamPress review, you will learn why DreamPress is an incredible option for managed, fast, secure and scalable WordPress hosting.

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Let's dive into the ultimate DreamPress review and see why you should seriously consider it for your managed WordPress hosting solution.

DreamPress Review Details

DreamPress is a new managed WordPress hosting solution aimed at providing a supercharged and optimized platform at a relatively low cost. At only $19.95 (introductory offer), this price is the best in the industry when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

That's right - you can get DreamPress at this low introductory offer for just $19.95/month!

Absolutely No Theme or Plugin Restrictions

My favorite part about this DreamPress review is letting you know that there are absolutely no restrictions on what themes or plugins you want to use with your WordPress install.

You heard me right - you can use any theme or plugin you want. This is something that most other managed WordPress hosting companies do not allow. You are either restricted in plugin or theme usage, or you may not even be able to use your favorite plugin or theme at all. Not so with DreamPress - you can use whatever theme or plugin you like with DreamPress!

Impeccable Performance

The next item in the DreamPress review is the performance aspect of the hosting service. Your sites will be provisioned on highly scalable VPS machines that have unmatched automation for response and load times. All that to say that your site will be blazing fast on DreamPress.

Enterprise-Level Reliability

Built into DreamPress is the same architecture that runs the DreamHost platform, and with that architecture comes expert level support and assistance. You've got the best of the internet here to help you and take care of your DreamPress solution.

DreamPress Review Perks and Benefits

  • Managed VPS Web & MySQL servers
  • Scalable and finely-tuned servers
  • Configurations optimized for WordPress
  • Assisted WordPress migration tools
  • User-friendly control panel interface
  • Blazing fast memory cache and speed boosts
  • Expert WordPress support
  • No theme or plugin restrictions
  • Backups to the DreamObject cloud

DreamPress Satisfaction Guarantee

DreamPress has a ridiculously awesome satisfaction guarantee. You get a 97-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase!

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